Every proprietor will need a license to sell alcohol on the premises of their establishment if hoping to serve alcoholic beverages. Those looking to serve beer, wine, and hard liquor within their eating establishment will need to seek out a Type 47 license. In order to qualify for this license, your restaurant must be deemed a bona fide eating place.

Fierce competition for Type 47 licensees for sale means they can sell quickly. In order to secure your Type 47 license, you’ll need to be well-versed on the legal stipulations before making the transfer viable. The professionals at License Locators provide comprehensive guidance throughout the acquisition process, ensuring your success at every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking to sell a liquor license Type 47 or you are on the hunt for Type 47 licenses for sale, License Locators can help you finagle the best deal possible. With thousands of successful Type 47 license transfers completed, License Locators is well-equipped to help you secure the alcohol permit you need to make your business a complete success.

Procuring an ABC license in California can be highly competitive. There are varied types of liquor permits and two of the most sought after include liquor license type 47 and type 48 licenses. As these permits are in such high demand, finding available Type 47 license can prove to be more than challenging. License Locators has numerous type 47 licenses for sale, and can assist you in securing the permits that will make your business aims a reality.

If you’re in pursuit of a California liquor license type 47, whether you need a SF liquor license or you’re in Los Angeles and looking for type 47 licenses for sale, License Locators has the listings you need to make a license transfer possible.

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