Whether you need a beer license or want to find an online liquor license from a local pre-existing business, License Locators is here to assist you in any alcohol permit transaction. We work with companies ranging from small family-run business to large corporations, and our professionals are trained to handle the process of acquiring an alcohol license from start to finish.

If you plan on opening a restaurant and want to serve beer, wine, or spirits, you’ll need to obtain a license to sell alcohol. This can be an arduous and complicated procedure with various legal twists and turns. Many of those looking to break into the restaurant industry are unsure on how to apply for a liquor license, and for good reason—it can be a complicated process. Zoning permits and determining the type of liquor license required for individual aims are just two of the many hurdles proprietors must navigate before acquiring the alcohol permit needed. Using a trusted brokerage service such as License Locators can streamline the process and have you securing the license you need in as little time as possible.

Perhaps your business requires only a wine license, or maybe you’re a restauranteur looking to procure a permit for alcohol that will allow you to serve beer, wine, and liquor in your establishment. Whatever the case, our crew of seasoned professional have done it and seen it all. We can ensure you find the alcohol license you need in the shortest span of time possible.

If on the reverse end of the spectrum, you’re looking to sell an alcohol license, License Locators can help you handle the transaction from start to finish, and guide you through the necessary steps of transfers, final sales, and escrow.

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