Allocating the proper ABC licenses and permits in California can be a complicated process. License Locators can help facilitate the purchase or sale of any alcohol permit type, ensuring our clients receive deals they trust at prices they deserve.

Securing a California beer license is not without its share of challenges. The legal ramifications of a botched alcohol permit transaction can be drastic and longstanding, and many of those searching for liquor licenses for sale online often have no idea where to start. License Locators, Inc. has a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to helping those seeking ABC licenses online find exactly what they need.

There are numerous types of ABC licenses and permits in California available, and there may be only one that fits your individual goals and needs. For example, a type 47 liquor license is designed for proprietors who want to offer food and beer, wine, and spirits. A type 48 liquor license is designated for establishments in which all patrons must be age 21 or older. Determining which permit your business requires is the first step in the process, and our staff can help you discover the right solutions for your aims.

A beer and wine license cost is generally much lower than its full liquor offering counterparts. However, competition and location can factor into higher priced alcohol permits. California is a heavily populated state, and as such, coming across available ABC licenses online can feel akin to locating a needle in a haystack.

In order to secure ABC license, a variety of regulations must be followed, including zoning permits, notices of intent to sell alcohol, and procuring the right license. For those that have never pursued an ABC license in California, the legal ins and outs can be overwhelming. License Locators is committed to simplifying the process and making it possible for business proprietors to access the correct ABC licenses online.

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