Purchasing a liquor license in Contra Costa can be a complicated process. Any business in California wishing to serve or sell alcohol must first apply for a liquor license from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). The number of licenses issued in each county is limited; as most counties in California are highly populated, many counties have already reached their allotted issuances.

Whether you’re looking for a Contra Costa liquor license or Los Angeles liquor license, you’ll likely need to pursue purchasing an alcohol permit from a pool of pre-existing licenses. Finding a license in this competitive arena can be difficult and costly. License Locators can help you find the right alcohol permit for a fair price to ensure your business needs are met. Whether you’d like to open a gas station that sells sealed containers of beer and wine, or you’re a new restaurant owner who wishes to serve a full range of spirits to patrons, you’ll find the Contra Costa liquor licenses you need.

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Purchasing a liquor license can be extremely expensive. The price ranges based on fluctuations in the market, as well as upon availability and competition in the immediate area. Depending on the type of Contra Costa liquor license your business requires, you may find yourself spending a few hundred dollars on a permit, or spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Generally, beer and wine licenses are inexpensive to purchase, while alcohol permits designated for the sale of a full range of spirits can cost thousands of dollars. As competition contributes to rising prices, many business owners may find themselves spending more than necessary to procure Contra Costa liquor licenses. This process can also be time intensive, and many business owners wish to expedite the process and receive the alcohol permits they need with immediacy. License Locators is dedicated to helping our clients procure the right alcohol permit for a fair market price, providing access to a bevy of motivated sellers.

There are a large number of liquor license types in Contra Costa, which vary by business aim. Are you looking to serve alcohol alongside food? Do you hope to offer sealed containers of beer and wine at your store for customers to purchase? License Locators can help you determine the best type of liquor license for your business intentions, and help you connect with sellers of that permit type. There are two main distinctions between liquor licenses in Contra Costa, permits for on-site consumption, and permits for off-site consumption. On-sale alcohol permits tend to be more expensive than off-sale liquor licenses, but the prices can range depending on a variety of factors. Purchase price for liquor licenses in Contra Costa can greatly vary. Business owners may spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the type of license they wish to purchase. Variables like location, type of license, and competition can cause alcohol permit prices to fluctuate. License Locators is dedicated to helping our clients secure the alcohol permits they need for a fair price by connecting them with the right sellers.

Two of the most popular types of liquor licenses in Contra Costa are Type 41 and Type 47. Both are for use in bona fide eating establishments. A Type 41 license allows the business to serve only beer and wine, while a Type 47 license allows for the sale of beer, wine, and liquor. As the restaurant industry is very competitive, these alcohol permits can be very costly to procure. If you’re looking to open a bar or nightclub that only serves patrons 21 and older, you’ll need to purchase a Type 48 license.

We’ve helped businesses of all types purchase Contra Costa liquor licenses best suited to their aims. From large convenience stores to hotel chains, family-owned business to restaurants, our clients have relied on License Locators to help them navigate the license transfer process. With years of experience and endless success, our brokerage service is poised to help you purchase the liquor license you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.