If you would like to open a business in El Dorado County that serves alcoholic beverages, then you will need to have a liquor license.  It is required by the state of California that you have in your possession a California liquor license that suits the kind of alcohol you sell in the particular business you own.  From Placerville to Pilliken, Diamond Springs to Lake Tahoe, License Locators brokerage services will help you gain the alcohol permit you need to get your business started off on the right foot. The department of Alcoholic Beverage Control makes acquiring an El Dorado liquor license anything but simple; you will have to face many legal hurdles, find permits from private sellers, and obtain proper zoning permits in order to acquire the license you need. Let License Locators guide your way in a seamless and simplified manner.

The department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (or ABC) has many stipulations to overcome before you can officially gain your license in El Dorado County. Whether you want to open a bistro, restaurant, nightclub, bar, convenience store, liquor store, or supermarket, the ABC requires that you have the proper zoning permits and proof of lease.  After you show proof that you have these documents, you will be able to apply for a license.  Next, you will have to determine which license you need. There are several licenses available depending on what kind of business you have.  The current licenses for alcohol sales are Type 20, Type 21, Type 41, Type 47, and Type 48 liquor licenses.  Which one do you need for your business?  License Locators will determine which license is best for you based on the venture you wish to pursue.

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If you would like to open a supermarket, convenience store, or liquor store, you will have to either obtain a Type 20 or Type 21 liquor license.  These licenses are usually cheaper than the rest, which is attractive to some hoping to open a business.  The Type 20 license permits the sale of sealed containers of beer or wine that can only be consumed offsite.  If you desire to sell liquor in addition to beer and wine, then you will have to have a Type 21 license.  Be sure that you follow the stipulations as set in place by the ABC, which requires that the consumption of the beverages be outside the zone outlined on your zoning permit.

Restaurants and other eateries require a different type of license.  Whether you want to open a bistro, cupcake and wine eatery, or brewery restaurant, you will need to possess either a Type 41 or Type 47 license.  Just like the licenses for liquor stores, both of these licenses apply to the alcohol choices you wish to offer.  Both licenses permit you to sell alcoholic beverages to patrons of age.  Unlike convenience store licenses, however, the beverages can only be consumed within your restaurant.  If you want to serve beer and wine only on your menu, then you will need a Type 41 license.  Instead, if you want to serve cocktails along with your beer and wine, then you will need a Type 47 license.  Make sure you get the license that suites the model of your business.  License Locators consulting services can help you decide which is best for you.

Perhaps you seek to open a nightclub or bar.  These businesses do not serve meals, and therefore they require a completely different license.  To serve alcohol at one of these businesses, you will need a Type 48 license.  With this license, you will be able to serve alcohol to persons 21 years of age or older.  These beverages must be consumed on site as well, much like the rules of the restaurant permits.

Unfortunately, not only are these licenses necessary to open your business, but they are also difficult to come by.  Depending on the fluctuations in the market, private sellers can drive up their prices, which can make you feel at a loss about how you can find a license at a fair price.  However, acquiring a liquor license is completely attainable, and License Locators will get you there.  Allow us to take you through the process, allowing you to focus on the success of your establishment.