In order to open an establishment that serves alcohol in Imperial County, you will need to obtain an Imperial liquor license.  However, acquiring the appropriate license for your business is no easy task.  The process can seem overwhelming and difficult, but with the help of License Locators, that liquor license can come into your grasp quickly and efficiently.  California has strict laws regarding the distribution and enforcement of liquor licenses and laws.  In addition, the department of Alcoholic Beverage Control limits the number of businesses in each county that can own a liquor license.  With these tough measures, some business owners spend more time and money than they intended without professional help.  This often puts liquor licenses in the hands of private owners, which can drive prices up and down depending on the market.  Imperial Liquor licenses can be expensive, scarce, and difficult to obtain, so do yourself a favor and ask License locators to sort through the busy work so you can start your business confidently.

Before you apply for a liquor license in Imperial County, you need to provide documentation to the ABC.  The ABC requires that you provide proof or your lease or ownership of the property you will performing your business on.  After you do this, you can apply for your license.  Deciding which license to get depends on the nature of the place you want to open.  Restaurants, convenience stores, bistros, supermarkets, eateries, nightclubs, and bars require certain permits in order to sell what they wish to sell.  There are five licenses available—Type 20, Type 21, Type 41, Type 47, and Type 48 liquor licenses.

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The Type 48 license is designated for nightclub and bar owners who want to only sell alcohol.  If you want to open up the hottest new club and you do not plan to serve food, then you will need this license.  Restaurants, on the other hand, require a Type 41 or Type 47 liquor license.  Any eatery or bistro that wants to sell beer and wine will need a Type 41 license.  Likewise, if you want to open the latest brewery or wine bar, you will need this same license.  The Type 41 license allows for strictly the sale of beer and wine, and is exclusive to businesses that also sell meals.  On the other hand, restaurant owners who wish to serve beverages that contain liquor to their guests will need a Type 47 license.  This license permits the sale of liquor along with beer and wine.  Make sure you buy the right license for you based on your needs.  If you need assistance, let License Locators provide consulting services to you to relieve the stress and figure out which license is right for you.

Perhaps you do not want to open a restaurant or bar.  For those who want to open a supermarket, convenience store or liquor store, you will need to obtain a Type 20 or Type 21 liquor license in Imperial County.  These licenses provide permission to sell sealed alcohol containers to those 21 years old and older.  If your convenience store will only sell beer and wine, then you will need a Type 20 liquor license.  Maybe you desire to open a liquor store that will sell all manner of whiskeys, gins, vodkas, and more.  For this purpose, you will need a Type 21 liquor license.  The Type 21 liquor license permits the sale of beer, wine, and liquor.

Rising competition and fluctuations in the market can complicate the process of getting the license you need.  Private license owners can make negotiation difficult and your lack of experience can make you pay much more than you need to.  Be assured that our services at License Locators will guide you through this critical part of your business process.  Opening a new business is tough enough on your own, so let us help you so that you can reach success quickly and efficiently.