Getting a liquor license transfer in Kern County can be a difficult process. For many businesses, a liquor license is an integral part of success; whether you’re opening a restaurant, bar, nightclub, or gas station, alcohol sales can make up a significant portion of revenue. Whether you’re hoping to purchase a full on-sale liquor licenses or you need to find a Kern County liquor license for wine and beer, License Locators, Inc. can help you find a bevy of motivated sellers, enabling you to purchase the alcohol permit you need at a fair price.

The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in California can only issue a limited amount of licenses per county in California. Because counties like Kern and Los Angeles have large populations, many times the quota of alcohol permits has already been met. Large populations also result in a heavy saturation of restaurants, bars, and clubs; this can drive up the price of a liquor license. License Locators can help you locate and procure the right liquor license for the right price.

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There are varied types of liquor licenses available in the state of California, and it’s important for every business to determine which best suits their intentions. Are you planning on serving food along with alcohol in your establishment? Are you hoping to serve a full range of alcoholic beverages, or are you looking to simply sell beer and wine? Answering these questions before beginning the application and transfer process is vital; License Locators can help you navigate these questions and help you pinpoint which Kern County liquor license will best fit your business endeavors.

There are numerous types of liquor licenses to choose from, and they serve very different purposes. Generally, the most popular Kern County liquor licenses include Type 41 and Type 47 alcohol permits. These are both designated for establishments that sell both food and alcohol for on-site consumption. A Type 41 license allows for serving and the sale of beer and wine only, while a Type 47 alcohol permit allows a proprietor to sell and serve liquor, wine, and beer. Proprietors may also seek off-sale liquor licenses, which allow for the sale of sealed alcoholic beverages for consumption off-site.

The process of purchasing a liquor license in Kern County can be more difficult than initially expected, due to a variety of legal stipulations and setbacks. Our team of experts can help you through every step of the process, providing guidance on zoning issues, liquor license types, and helping prepare the proper documentation to expedite the process. Purchasing a liquor license from a private seller can take an inordinate amount of time; License Locators has helped numerous clients obtain a liquor license quickly and efficiently. From application to escrow, we’re with you every step of the way.

There are many aspects of the transfer and purchase process that can affect the cost of liquor licenses in Kern County, and prices can vary greatly. From location issues to purpose, the type of liquor license to the state of the market, a variety of facets can factor into the cost. In populous counties like Kern, competition can quickly drive up the price of Kern County liquor license prices. Using License Locators’ brokerage service can help you locate and secure the best deal on a Kern County alcohol permit.

License Locators has helped businesses of all types and sizes secure the liquor licenses they need, including restaurants, hotel chains, convenience stores, and family-owned businesses. With years of experience, we’ve assisted in the transfer of numerous Kern County liquor licenses ensuring our clients receive the permits they need with immediacy. Whether you’re looking for a beer and wine license in Kern County or you need a full, on-sale alcohol permit for your restaurant, we can help you purchase the alcohol permit you need.