Finding a liquor license in the great metropolis of Los Angeles can feel akin to searching out a needle in a haystack. A liquor license is a vital facet of many business ventures, including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, convenience stores, and gas stations. If you plan to serve alcohol in an upcoming business venture, in order to make your business goals a reality, procuring the right license for the right price is paramount.

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The process of purchasing a liquor license in California is filled with a variety of requirements and potential setbacks, and it’s important to have the proper guidance from start to finish to ensure the process goes smoothly and efficiently in alignment with your goals and financial stipulations. The State of California, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control only grants liquor licenses to individuals that have a physical retail location. You’ll need to have a proposed commercial location and you must own the property or have a lease agreement. After showing proof of location, you’ll need to obtain the proper zoning permits set in place by your local city and county governments. The process of securing a license can be difficult long before it’s time to search out a seller, and License Locators can help you ensure a smooth transfer. Whether this is the first time you’ve purchased a liquor license or you’re opening a second location and need a new license, we can help you navigate the process with ease.

Once you’ve handled the legalities of procuring a liquor license, finding a license for purchase is the next hurdle. As the ABC has issued the limited amount of liquor licenses in Los Angeles, you’ll need to find someone in the county that’s willing to sell their alcohol permit to you. Because Los Angeles is saturated with restaurants, bars, and other businesses that require liquor licenses, the competition can be stiff. This heavy competition drives up the prices of liquor licenses, and trying to purchase from a private seller can see individuals spending upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. We can help you find a fair price for the right license from a seller with immediacy. We’ve helped numerous clients in various industries procure the license they need, from convenience stores to restaurants to gas station owners.

Are you looking to sell your Los Angeles liquor license? We can put you in contact with a bevy of searching buyers and ensure you sell your alcohol permit quickly for the right price.

Looking for a liquor license in Los Angeles? Let License Locators help you obtain the alcohol permits you need quickly and efficiently. Finding the right license can be difficult, but License Locators will provide you access to a cache of sellers looking to sell their licenses to the right bidder. License Locators has an extensive inventory of Los Angeles liquor licenses to help you make your business dreams a reality. With years of experience, our team of professionals can guide you through the process from start to finish.

Need help determining which liquor license best suits your business goals? License Locators can help you with that. Many restaurant owners are in pursuit of a Type 41 or Type 47 liquor license. A Type 41 license is for designated eating places in which proprietors only want to serve beer and wine. A Type 47 license allows a bona fide eating place to serve a full range of liquor, spirits, beer, and wine. Knowing the type of license necessary is essential as you begin your search, and our team can help you examine the merits of individual license types to determine the best permit for your needs.

Obtaining an alcohol permit in Los Angeles is a journey rife with local stipulations, zoning permits, and competition. Whether you’re a small business owner or you plan on opening your own restaurant, when an alcohol permit stands between you and success, let our team of professionals help you find what you need. With our experienced liquor license brokerage service, you can navigate the process with ease and acquire the Los Angeles liquor license you’re pursuing in no time.