Purchasing a liquor license in California can be difficult no matter what county you live in.  Nevertheless, it is still a necessary process if you hope to obtain a liquor license in Marin County.  You will find that the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control—or ABC—has strict rules regarding the number of licenses in each county, thus making the demand for liquor licenses very competitive.  Buyers often find that the prices change depending on the market, with power largely in control by private sellers.  But do not be disheartened. License Locators can guide you through the process, whether you want to open a restaurant, bar, club, or supermarket.  We offer our services to make your business a successful endeavor.

There are several different licenses to choose from, depending on the nature of your business, the location, and cost concerns.  Keep in mind that the price of the license depends on the state of the market and the particular type of license.  As an example, liquor licenses permitting the sale of beer and wine only will be cheaper than licenses that allow the sale of beer, wine, and liquor.  You will likely choose between several options to fulfill your business needs.  If you struggle to know which is the appropriate liquor license for you, License Locators will advise you for the correct path.

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The establishment you wish to open will determine the liquor license that you need.  If you hope to open an eatery, then you will need either a Type 40 or Type 47 liquor license.  A Type 41 license permits that a restaurant serves beer and wine only.  On the other hand, a Type 47 liquor license allows the sale of beer, wine, and liquor.  If instead you seek to open a bar or club that does not sell food, then a Type 48 license is right up your alley.  This license permits the sale of alcoholic beverage in a business that serves guests aged twenty-one and up.  Remember that the consumption of the alcohol must happen on—and not off—the zone established on your zoning permit.

Maybe instead you would like to open a super market or gas station.  A business in this category requires a Type 20 or Type 21 liquor license.  A Type 20 liquor license allows the owner to sell wine and beer containers that are sealed and intended to be consumed offsite.  A Type 21 permit consents the sale of sealed alcohol containers in addition to beer and wine.

In order to earn any of the aforementioned liquor licenses in Merced county, you will have to overcome a variety of obligations so that the ABC will approve your transfer.  You will have to first show proof of ownership or lease of a property.  Secondly, you will also have to get the proper zoning permits that follow the local and state regulation.  License Locators will help you navigate the process so that you can find the license you need, receive the proper zoning permit, and effectively navigate the legal process.

If you find the process of obtaining a liquor license to be convoluted and complex, you are not alone.  Some business proprietors may feel overwhelmed at the amount of time, energy, and money it takes to get what they need to establish their business.  In addition, the process of transferring a license can be lengthy and exhausting.  Why delay opening your business another moment longer?  The team of professionals established at License Locators will sit down with you to determine which license you need, which zoning permit is appropriate, and find a fair price with a reasonable seller.  If you are the owner of a liquor license looking to sell, we can also help you on the other end to fetch a good deal immediately.