Any business that sells alcoholic beverages in the state of California must first secure the correct alcohol permit from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Because the ABC offers a limited amount of license issuances per county, there are many counties that have already reached their quota. This means new business owners must approach private sellers that have pre-existing licenses. Unfortunately, high demand leads to higher prices. Beyond exorbitant cost, the acquisition of a liquor licenses in Monterey County can be filed with challenges and roadblocks. License Locators is committed to helping our clients access the liquor licenses they need with immediacy.

In order to qualify for an alcohol permit in Monterey or a liquor license in Fresno, you’ll need to fulfill a variety of obligations before the ABC will approve your transfer. First, you’ll be tasked with acquiring a physical location for your business, then showing proof of lease or ownership. You’ll also need to acquire the correct zoning permits while following local and state regulations. Due to the intricacy of the liquor license transfer process, many proprietors find that receiving the permit they need takes much longer than they might have originally anticipated. Using a brokerage service can expedite the acquisition of such licenses, helping you maintain your business schedule and hop on the road to success sooner.

There are a variety of liquor license types to choose from, and they vary by business intention, cost concerns, and location. If you’re unsure which type of Santa Barbara liquor license or Contra Costa liquor license is the right fit for your business, our team of dedicated professionals can help you pinpoint the best permit for your needs. Whether you’re searching for an on-site liquor license that allows you to serve alcoholic beverages to patrons while on the premises, or you need a liquor license that allows for the sale of sealed alcoholic containers for consumption off-site, we can help you determine which liquor license will best suit your business.

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Depending on the type of alcohol permit you need, liquor license cost can vary greatly. On-sale liquor licenses in Monterey can be extremely costly, as restaurants and bars require this type of permit. High competition within these industries can mean greater competition, which increases demand. Private sellers can often sell their on-sale liquor licenses for exorbitant prices, but License Locators can help you secure competitive prices from motivated sellers looking to sell their alcohol permits with immediacy. If you own a restaurant, you’ll likely be in pursuit of one of two types of Monterey liquor license: Type 41 and Type 47. A Type 41 licenses allows restaurants and eateries to serve beer and wine on the premises, while a Type 47 license allows restaurants to serve guests beer, wine, and liquor alongside their meals.

Maybe you’re in the market for off-sale permits; these can be cheaper, but equally as difficult to find without the help of a qualified brokerage service. Those looking to sell sealed containers of alcoholic beverages often purchase a Type 20 or Type 21 liquor license. The former allows for the sale of sealed wine and beer, while the latter allows for the sale of wine, beer, and liquor. Gas stations, convenience stores, and supermarkets most often use these licenses.

Looking to open a nightclub or bar that only allows entry to guests 21 and older? You’ll need a Type 48 license, which allows for the sale of alcoholic beverages in an establishment that only serves patrons of this age.

Regardless of your budget or desired liquor license, License Locators’ team of qualified professionals is prepared to help you navigate the process of Monterey alcohol permit acquisition. Let us help you find a cache of motivated sellers and purchase the right liquor license for a fair price.