A California business that sells alcoholic beverages must apply for and receive a liquor license from the ABC, or the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The number of licenses issued in each county is limited; as California is a highly populated state, most counties have already issued their allotted number of licenses. If you’re looking for a new liquor license to open a business, you’ll likely need to purchase your alcohol permit from a pre-existing pool of licenses. License Locators’ liquor license brokerage service can help you connect with numerous private sellers and ensure you get the right deal for the right price. Whether you’re a small business owner wishing to provide off-sale wine and beer, or a restauranteur wanting to serve a full range of alcoholic beverages in your establishment, we can help you procure the Orange Country liquor licenses you need.

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Buying a liquor license in Orange County can be a costly endeavor. The price may range depending on the state of the market and on competition and availability. Depending on the type of Orange County liquor license you need, you may find a permit for a few hundred dollars, or you may have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Generally, beer and wine licenses are cheaper to acquire, while full on-sale liquor license in Orange County can cost a small fortune. As competition drives up prices, it can be difficult to find a private seller willing to let go of an alcohol permit for a fair price. License Locators can help you find a competitive price to ensure you receive a good deal.

There are many steps to procuring a liquor license, and the process can feel somewhat complicated and convoluted. With years of success with numerous clients, License Locators employs a team of seasoned professionals that understand every in-and-out of the process. From beginning to end, we’re with you every step of the day to ensure acquiring your Orange Country liquor license is as quick and efficient as possible. From sourcing the permit of choice to escrow, we’ll make sure every detail is accounted for, and provide aid until your license is issued and you’re ready to serve alcohol in your establishment.

Wondering which Orange County liquor license will best fit your business needs? License Locators can help you determine which permit is best suited to your establishment. It’s important to note the difference between off-sale and on-sale permits. With an off-sale permit, proprietors can sell sealed alcoholic beverages intended for consumption off the premises; an on-sale Orange County liquor license allows for on-site consumption. The two most popular off-sale licenses are Type 20 and Type 21. Type 20 is generally used by proprietors who own a convenience store or gas station, and allows the sale of beer and wine. A Type 21 liquor license in Orange County allows for the sale of beer, wine, and liquor for consumption off the property.

Many proprietors are on the hunt for Type 41 and Type 47 licenses. These alcohol permits are designated for bona fide eating places, and as the restaurant industry can be highly saturated, the competition for liquor licenses is fierce. A Type 41 license is best suited to a proprietor wishing to serve beer and wine alongside their food menu items, while a Type 47 license is intended for an establishment that wishes to serve a full range of alcoholic offerings, including beer, wine, and liquor. If you’re instead opening a bar or club establishment that will only allow entry for persons aged 21 and older, a Type 48 license is the alcohol permit you’ll wish to procure.

When you’re looking for a liquor license in Orange County, don’t leave your transfer up to chance. Liquor licenses can make or break a business, so it’s important to find the alcohol permit that best fits your needs. Our team of professionals can help you source the right Orange County liquor license at a fair price, allowing you the opportunity to achieve your business success. License Locators liquor license brokerage service is here to make sure your transfer is completed with immediacy and efficiency.