A liquor license is necessary if you would like to open a business in Placer County that sells or serves alcohol.  In fact, every business in California that sells alcoholic beverages of any kind must obtain a liquor license.  The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is responsible for regulating the number of liquor licenses distributed in each county in the state.  This limits the number of liquor licenses that can be issued.  Because of this, there is much competition among restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and liquor stores.  Due to this stiff competition, prices in liquor licenses continue to rise and the new business proprietors must often purchase their alcohol permits from private sellers.  Let License Locator brokerage service make the process simple so you can obtain your Placer license with ease.

Purchasing a liquor license in Placer County requires following local and state regulations.  It also involves many stipulations that can change depending on the rise and fall of the market.  Some of these restrictions include the changes in sale and the fulfillment of legal obligations.  With liquor license price it’s all about location, location, location.  The price of the license will also depend on national and local economic trends, current competition, type of license, and purpose.  License Locator’s service is dedicated to serving you by securing zoning permits, finding the fair price, and providing guidance on which type of license you need.  On the other hand, if you are looking to sell your alcohol permit, we can connect you with eager buyers who will gratefully take that license off your hands so you do not have to wait long.  You can make anywhere from hundreds of dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars.  Whether you are buying or selling, we will be with you every step of the way to find the appropriate buyer or seller so that you can get going right away.

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The process of obtaining a liquor license in Placer County can seem complex.  You will have to be aware of which license is right for your business venture.  Luckily, License Locators has assisted hundreds of clients so we can streamline the process with ease.  Let us help you find exactly what you need.  When selecting the license for you, you have to consider whether you want an on-sale or off-sale permit.  An on-sale permit is used for mainly convenience stores or gas stations; this type of business requires a Type 20 or Type 21 liquor license.  A type 20 license gives permission for a store owner to sell sealed wine and beer containers to be consumed offsite.  Similarly, Type 21 permit does the same but it also includes liquor sales.

If you are looking to serve alcohol on-site, this requires different permits.  Perhaps you are looking to open a restaurant, bar, nightclub, or lounge.  License Locator brokerage can advise you on the right permit and connect you with one quickly and efficiently.  If you are a restaurant owner, then you need either a Type 41 or Type 47 liquor license.  These licenses are reserved for proprietors who want to serve alcohol with their meals in their restaurant.  Yet, this license is designated for beer and wine only.  On the other hand, a Type 47 permit allows for the sale of beer, wine, and liquor.  Wondering what license you need if you are not selling food?  Then you will need to obtain a Type 48 license.  This license is used for the sale of all alcoholic beverage to any guest aged 21 or older.

Getting a liquor license in Placer County can seem like an impossible and complicated task, but don’t be intimidated.  Do not hesitate any longer to get assistance in finding your liquor license.  Do yourself a favor and gain the upper hand in the market by getting help from License Locator’s brokerage services today.