California has a precise and complex process when it comes to purchasing a California liquor license.  To an outsider, the process of obtaining a San Luis Obispo County permit can seem daunting.  Fortunately, License Locators is here to help.  Whether you are opening a restaurant, liquor store, bar, or nightclub, we at License Locators can provide the service you need to get what you need quickly and easily.  Liquor licenses can be expensive, steeped in stipulation, and hard to come by, so do not hesitate to reach out and ask us for assistance.  We can help you sort through the busy work so you can obtain the appropriate liquor license immediately and smoothly.

Before you apply for you liquor license, you must determine which is best for your interests.  There are several options available, depending on the nature of your business.  First, you are likely to apply for any of these three permits: Type 41, Type 47, or Type 48.  Both the Type 41 and Type 47 liquor licenses are intended for any restaurant of eatery that would like to serve alcohol with a meal.  While they are similar, they do you have different stipulations.  The Type 41 allows for a restaurant to serve beer or wine only, while a Type 47 license for the sale of liquor in addition to beer and wine.  If, however, you attend to open a bar or nightclub that does not serve food, then you will need a Type 48 license, which is used for the sale of alcohol only to those who are age twenty-one and up.

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If you are opening a liquor store or convenience store, then neither of these three might apply to you.  Instead, owners of liquor stores will receive a Type 20 or Type 21 liquor license.  The Type 20 and Type 21 licenses both allow for the sale of sealed alcoholic beverages.  However, the difference between the two is that a Type 20 only will sell sealed beer and wine to be consumed off-site.  Similarly, a Type 21 license is for beer, wine, and liquor sales.  Both are alike in this way to the Type 41 and Type 47 licenses.

Remember:  the number of liquor licenses is limited by the county you live in.  This will be an essential part of finding the license you desire.  However, by using License Locator brokerage services, you will journey through smoother.  Determine which establishment you want to open, whether it is a bar, club, supermarket, convenience store, or restaurant.  When you know which you would like to establish, it will become much easier to narrow down what you need.  After this, you will continue with a step-by-step process—one that we at License Locators will gladly help you navigate.

In order to succeed in earning the necessary permit of your choosing to buy or serve alcohol in San Luis Obispo county, you will need to go through what can be a lengthy.  First, you will have to have your location established.  You must show proof of lease of the location of your establishment to the ABC.  You will also have to obtain and who proof of the correct zoning permits—which is necessary to create the boundary in which the alcohol can be served.  Hiring a brokerage service can cut out much of the frustration of obtaining a permit—a process that can still take more time than you might imagine.  After this, you must find a seller of the license in your county who is willing to give you the license at a reasonable cost.  Many people may find that this is the most frustrating and lengthy part of the process.  However, whether you need help navigating the ABC process, finding the right seller, or settling issues with the escrow process, we at License Locators can guide you seamlessly through the course.

Finding an affordable liquor license for San Luis Obispo county can seem difficult at best, but we are here to help.  Find the assistance you need with License Locators, and get your business off the ground quickly and easily.