Any California business that wishes to serve or sell alcohol must first procure a liquor license from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, or ABC. Each county is limited in the amount of alcohol permits they can issue, and in populous counties like Santa Clara, the limit may have already been reached for certain liquor licenses. If you’re looking to buy a liquor license, you’ll likely need to make your purchase from a pool of individuals looking to sell a pre-existing permit. As these permits are limited, competition is fierce, and this can make finding the right liquor license an arduous task. License Locators can simplify the process; we’ll help you find the right seller, and guide you through the process to ensure you receive the license your business needs as quickly as possible.

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Purchasing a liquor license in Santa Clara can be as expensive as buying a liquor license in Alameda. As competition drives up prices, many business owners find themselves spending anywhere from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure the permit they need. The price of Santa Clara liquor licenses depends on permit type. Wine and beer licenses are generally cheaper, while licenses that allow for the sale of beer, wine, and spirits can be very expensive. License Locators’ brokerage service can help you connect you with motivated sellers willing to sell an alcohol permit for a fair price.

Pursuing a liquor license transfer can be a complicated endeavor, and License Locators is dedicated to helping our clients navigate the process with ease. We have years of experience and numerous successes that help us offer the utmost in guidance. From helping you determine the right alcohol permit for your business needs to escrow closing processes, we’ll help you purchase a Santa Clara liquor license in a timely and efficient manner.

Trying to determine which Santa Clara liquor license type is right for your business? License Locators can help you pinpoint the best permit for your business aims. First, it’s important to determine whether you’re looking to serve alcohol on the premises, or whether you’d like to sell sealed alcoholic beverages for consumption off the premises. The former requires on-sale alcohol permits, while the latter requires what is known as an off-sale permit. Generally, on-sale permits are much costlier to procure, but License Locators has helped our clients secure the right alcohol permits for the most competitive price.

An off-sale permit is required for business such as gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores. There are two main types of off-sale liquor licenses. A Type 20 license allows an establishment to sell sealed containers of beer and wine, intended for consumption elsewhere. A Type 21 license allows for the sale of beer, wine, and liquor in sealed containers, also intended for offsite consumption.

In contrast, an on-sale permit allows businesses to serve alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption. Type 41 and Type 47 licenses are the most popular on-sale permits, as these Santa Clara liquor licenses allow for bona fide eating places to serve alcohol. A Type 41 license allows businesses to serve beer and wine, while a Type 47 license allows businesses to serve a full range of alcoholic beverages, including liquor. Because of their popularity, competition for these licenses can be fierce. License Locators offers a plethora of Type 41 and Type 47 licenses. For business owners looking to serve alcohol in an establishment that only allows patrons aged 21 and over, a Type 48 license is needed. This is generally used for bars and nightclubs.

When you’re looking to purchase a liquor license in Santa Clara, let License Locators simplify the process. Using our brokerage service, you’ll quickly and efficiently find and purchase the alcohol permit you need to make your business a success. Search our cache of motivated sellers and find a liquor license in your area for the right price.