Opening a restaurant, club, bar, or convenience store can be an exciting new venture.  However, obtaining the appropriate liquor license can be a complicated task.  The department of Alcoholic Beverage Control—or ABC—issues only a particular amount of liquor licenses to each county in the state.  This means that pricing and issuance of alcohol permits to those like you who seek to open a business can be highly competitive.  This will usually mean that those like you will have to purchase their alcohol licenses from private sellers who already have these licenses.  And yet, do not let this dissuade you from opening your dream business.  Enlist the help of experts at License Locators in order to streamline the process and get your business up and running in no time.

If you hope to qualify for a liquor license in Santa Cruz County, you will have to follow standard guidelines to proceed.  In order for the ABC to approve your transfer, you will have to first provide proof of your lease or ownership of a property.  Next, you will need to get the proper zoning permits that follow state and local regulations.  This can seem like a lot of lengthy work, however License Locators are here to assist you and reach business success.

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When obtaining a liquor license, you first must consider which type of business you are opening.  Believe it or not, there are a variety of licenses available depending on the establishment and intention of selling.  For instance, opening a restaurant that serves beer and wine will be different than a restaurant that serves beer, wine, and liquor.  If you intend to sell only beer and wine with your meals, you will need a Type 41 license.  If you want to serve beer, wine, and liquor, then you will need to acquire a Type 47 license.

Perhaps you aim to open a nightclub or bar intended for patrons that are 21 and over.  For this purpose, you will need what is called a Type 48 license.  This license allows for alcoholic beverages to be served only to patrons of this age on the premises of your club or bar.

Finally, if you are looking to open a liquor store, convenience store, supermarket, or gas station, you will be in the market for off-sale permits.  Sometimes, these permits can be cheaper, which can be appealing to some business ventures.  Just like the other licenses, however, there are a limited number of permits by county, and can still be competitively priced.  If you would like to sell sealed containers of alcoholic beverages to those 21 years and older, then you will need a Type 20 or Type 21 liquor license.  A Type 20 license is for the sale of sealed wine and beer, while the Type 21 license is for the sale of wine, beer, and liquor.

As mentioned above, finding any of these permits can be difficult for the average individual.  The limited number of licenses can make finding and obtaining one at a price in your budget can seem nearly an impossible task.  Fortunately, License Locators are here to help you. Are you unsure of which license will suit your particular business needs?  We will assist you in narrowing down what you require.  Unsure of the rules and regulations regarding zoning permits?  License Locators can support you with that too, using our team of experts in the field.

Whether you are unsure of the regulations, anxious of the legal stipulations, or intimidated by the tough competition, we can give you confidence to stride forward and accomplish your business goals.  License Locators have given many business proprietors like you the expert help they need to thrive.  Opening a restaurant, bar, or any of the aforementioned establishments is already difficult, so let License Locator brokerage services take a burden off your back and allow you to embrace your new venture.