Selling a Liquor License in California?

License Locators is devoted strictly to buying and selling California liquor licenses. By focusing exclusively on liquor license sales, we are able to provide each of our clients with the best possible service. Our team approach to liquor license transfers allows associated licensing consultants, attorneys, land use specialists, and escrow officers to focus on their specialties while we concentrate on selling your license.

Free Price Quotes

We are continuously updating our database to track license prices as they fluctuate. We proudly make this information available to you as proof of our competitive pricing and to give you peace of mind that you are receiving fair market value for your liquor license.

We Find Qualified Buyers

We screen all potential buyers to avoid approval problems. Our screening includes personnel qualification and site specific issues. Our experience with liquor license rules and regulations help us identify and avoid issues which could slow down the transfer of your license.

We Sell It Fast

At License Locators, in addition to screening buyers and proper pricing, selling your license quickly is a priority. To achieve this pledge to you, we maintain a network of sources to sell your license. Our existing clients include many national and international chains, as well as large franchisees, developers, and real estate brokers. We belong to many associations and trade organizations, all of which provide a constant demand for licenses. We also are constantly marketing California liquor licenses through industry publications, the Internet, and a network of other industry experts.

We Monitor the Transfer

After executing a sale, we constantly monitor the buyer’s progress to ensure that the transfer application is filed timely and the application is progressing properly. Additionally, we track your renewal fees to ensure they are paid on time to avoid late charges and the possible revocation of your license.