Purchasing a liquor license in California can be a convoluted process, but a necessary task for any business owner wishing to sell or serve alcohol in their establishment. The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control issues a limited number of liquor licenses to each county in the state, and thanks to California’s large population, many counties have already reached their quota. This leaves new business proprietors in the position of having to buy their necessary alcohol permits from private sellers who have already been issued liquor licenses. If you plan to serve alcohol in your Solano county business, let License Locators make the process quick and efficient.

Acquiring a liquor license means following local and state regulations, paying attention to stipulations regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages, and fulfilling legal obligations. With so many requirements to worry about, new business owners can find themselves overwhelmed with the process. License Locators’ brokerage service is committed to helping our clients breeze through the process with ease, providing invaluable advice and assistance from beginning to end. Whether you need help with securing zoning permits, are unsure which type of liquor license is best suited to your business, or haven’t been able to find a seller willing to sell you the right permit for a fair price, we can provide the guidance you need. From location issues to escrow processes, we’re with you every step of the way. Whether you’re search of a Solano County liquor license or Los Angeles liquor license, we’ll help you navigate the process with ease.

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Finding a Solano County liquor license for sale at an affordable price can leave you feeling like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack. Because the amount of liquor licenses are limited in Solano County, you’ll need to find someone local that’s looking to sell their alcohol permit. Because there are numerous bars, restaurants, and stores in Solano County, there’s high competition for such licenses. This can drive up cost. The average price of a Solano County liquor license varies due to a variety of factors including current market standings, competition, and chance. License Locators can help you connect with motivated sellers that offer their permit wares for fair prices. Depending on the type of alcohol permit you require, cost can range from a few hundred dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars. Perhaps you’re looking to sell your alcohol permit. We’ll help you connect with numerous buyers looking to find permits with immediacy, and help expedite the sale.

Looking for a liquor license in Solano County? Let us help you purchase the permit you need to make your business dreams a reality. Unsure which liquor licenses best suits your business goals? We can help you pinpoint exactly which permit is the appropriate fit for your intentions. Restaurant owners require either a Type 41 or Type 47 liquor license. These are designated for eateries in which proprietors wish to serve alcohol alongside their meals. A Type 41 allows a restaurant to sell beer and wine only; a Type 47 permit allows for the sale of beer, wine, and liquor. Perhaps you’re opening a bar that doesn’t necessarily sell food; you’ll need a Type 48 license, designated for the sale of alcoholic beverages in an establishment that serves patrons aged 21 or older.

Maybe you’re opening a convenience store or gas station; these types of businesses require a Type 20 or Type 21 liquor license. A Type 20 permit allows a store owner to sell sealed wine and beer containers for consumption offsite, and a Type 21 allows for similar sale, only expanded to include liquor along with beer and wine.

Obtaining a liquor license in Solano County is a difficult endeavor filled with regulations, legal stipulations, and hearty competition. Whether you’re hoping to open your very own restaurant or you’re planning to purchase a franchise gas station or convenience store, License Locators can help you navigate the convoluted ins and outs of the process. With our experienced brokerage service, you’ll have the guidance and assistance you need to purchase your liquor license quickly and efficiently.