Any California business that wishes to serve or sell alcohol on the premises must purchase a liquor license from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. In California, there are a limited amount of liquor licenses available for issuance in each county; in many counties, the quota has already been reached. If you’re looking for a liquor license to open up a restaurant, bar, gas station, or grocery store, you’ll likely need to pursue your purchase from a pre-existing pool of licenses, sold by private sellers. License Locators’ team of professionals can help you connect with a bevy of motivated buyers to garner you the best deal on the alcohol permit that fits your business needs. Whether you run a small family-owned business or are opening a restaurant franchise location, we can help you procure the Ventura County liquor license you need.

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Pursuing a liquor license transfer in Ventura County can be time intensive and costly, often costing as much as a liquor license in Los Angeles. The price of an alcohol permit can vary greatly depending on the state of the market at the time, and based on the competition faced in a particular area. Depending on the type of Ventura County liquor license you hope to procure, you may be able to purchase an alcohol permit for a few hundred dollars, or you may find yourself spending upwards of one hundred thousand dollars. In general, it’s cheaper to purchase a beer and wine license, while purchasing an alcohol permit for the sale of liquor, beer, and wine can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It can be hard to find a private seller willing to sell a Ventura County liquor license at a fair price, but using a brokerage service like License Locators can ensure a good deal.

Procuring a liquor license presents a variety of challenges and setbacks. License Locators’ team of professionals offer years of experience with numerous clients, and our step by step guidance will ensure your liquor license transfer process is as painless and efficient as possible. From application to escrow, we’ll help you navigate the somewhat convoluted process of acquiring a Ventura County liquor license. From helping you source the correct permits to finding the right seller, we’re committed to helping our clients achieve their liquor license transfer quickly and efficiently.

If you’re undecided on which liquor license type best suits your business needs, we can help you determine which will best serve your establishment. First, we’ll help you determine whether you need an on-sale or off-sale Ventura County liquor license. An off-sale permit allows proprietors to sell sealed alcoholic beverages that patrons can then drink off the premises. An on-sale permit allows proprietors to serve alcohol within the establishment for consumption on the premises.

Type 20 and Type 21 liquor licenses are the most popular off-sale alcohol permits. The Type 20 license allows proprietors to sell beer and wine, and is generally used in gas stations and small corner stores. The Type 21 license allows liquor stores and grocery stores to sell liquor, wine, and beer for offsite consumption.

When it comes to on-sale alcohol permits, Type 41 and Type 47 licenses tend to be the most popular, regardless of location. These allow restaurant owners to serve alcohol for consumption within a bona fide eating establishment. A Type 41 allows businesses to serve wine and beer, while a Type 47 allows serving of a full range of liquor, beer, and wine. If you’re looking to open a bar or club that serves alcohol, you’ll need to purchase a Type 48 liquor license, which stipulates that patrons must be 21 or over.

When you’re on the hunt for licenses for liquor in Ventura County, expedite the process and pursue your business goals sooner with License Locators. We can help you source the right alcohol permit for a fair price. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell liquor licenses, our brokerage service is sure to make the process easier.