Procuring a California liquor license can be an arduous task, but with the help of License Locators, you can obtain the wine license you need for your business.

The governing agency that provides liquor licenses is titled The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, or ABC. With the power to issue, suspend, and revoke liquor licenses, this government faction offers a cache of differing liquor license types, including everything from wine licenses to general on-sale liquor permits.

Just how much is a liquor license? While beer and wine licenses can cost hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, a full liquor license that allows for the sale of spirits as well can cost upwards of a hundred thousand dollars. Ultimately, it depends on a bevy of issues: the location in which you’re trying to start your business, the types of alcohol you wish to sell, and the current state of the market. Individual beer and wine license cost can vary, but License Locators can help you find the right price.

Proprietors looking to secure an ABC permit to sell wine generally choose two categories of beer and wine licenses, and deciding between the two comes down to a simple line of questioning: Do you want to sell wine and beer in packaging for people to take with them? Or are you looking to serve wine and beer on the premises?

For those looking to sell wine or beer to consumers who will take it home or to another location for consumption, a Type 20 license is your best bet. If you’re looking to serve wine at your establishment, say, within a wine bar, you’ll need a Type 41 license designated for vendors who want to serve along with these libations onsite.

Determining wine license cost and beer license cost is dependent on a variety of individual factors, but it’s almost always less expensive to procure a permit for beer and wine than it is to acquire a general full liquor license. California alcohol permits can be very expensive due to competition, as only a certain amount of alcohol permits are available in each county, most of which have been exhausted. If you live in a highly populated area, you’ll find that competition can drive up price.

Beyond determining wine license cost, you’ll also need to consider the efforts that go into zoning laws. With many legal ramifications resulting from inappropriately filed liquor licenses, it’s essential to use a certified company like License Locators to help you acquire the permits you need.

If you’re in the market for a wine license, beer license, or general full liquor permit, License Locators can connect you with the right sellers. Similarly, if you’re looking to sell an existing liquor license, our professionals can put you in touch with shopping buyers to sell your permit as quickly as possible at the right rate. License Locators can aid you in your efforts to obtain a wine license at a great price and help you navigate the legal stipulations that come along with this endeavor.