California mandates that all businesses that serve alcohol must have an alcohol license to do so.  Therefore, if you would like to obtain a liquor license to expand what you can serve in your establishment, be prepared to jump through many hurdles.  The department of Alcoholic Beverage Control—or ABC—regulates the number of liquor licenses within every county in the state.  This leaves many licenses in the hands of private sellers who will control the pricing much to the dismay of eager buyers.  Pricing will rise and fall depending on market demand, which will make your ability to buy one unpredictable.  Whether you want to open a restaurant, bistro, nightclub, bar, or convenience store, License Locators brokerage service will streamline the process for you so you can finally get a Yolo County liquor license in your hands.

To get the license you need, you will have to follow the proper procedures according to state and local regulations.  The process will involve many stipulations, not to mention the pricing caused by the rise and fall of the market value.  Some regulation will include legal obligation of sale and ownership.  In order to get the appropriate license for you, it helps to be keen on current economic trends, the type of license you need, and the purpose of which you need it.  Precursory necessities such as zoning permits may make the process seem more difficult and complex.  Fortunately, we at License Locators are dedicated to getting you the license you need in a timely and well-organized matter.

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The ABC offers several different kinds of licenses, depending on the business you want to run and the kind of alcohol you want to sell.  The licenses currently offered include the Type 20, Type 21, Type 41, Type 47, and Type 48 licenses.  Knowing what kind of establishment you want to open will help a great deal in narrowing down what you will need.

If you plan to open your dream restaurant or bistro, and want to sell beer and wine, you will need a Type 41 license.  Do you wish to serve liquor in addition to selling beer and wine?  Then you are looking for a Type 47 liquor license.  Both licenses require that alcoholic beverages are bought and consumed by guests who are 21 and older, and that the libations can only be had on site.  If you want to serve liquor in addition to beer and wine, then you will need a Type 47 license.

Maybe you are interested in running a nightclub or bar instead.  Any business such as this that does not serve food will require a Type 48 license.  This license allows the sale of alcoholic beverages to guests 21 years and older that must be consumed within the zone allowed.

In order to sell alcohol in a liquor store, gas station, super market, or convenience store, you will need a different kind of license.  The licenses available for you will be either a Type 20 or Type 21 liquor license.  The Type 20 license is for those businesses who sell sealed containers of beer and wine to those 21 years or older.  The Type 21 license, however, will permit the sale of sealed containers of beer, wine, and liquor.  Both licenses require that the beverages be consumed offsite—that is, they must be consumed outside what is listed on your zoning permit.

Do you need assistance choosing which license will suit your needs? Maybe you’re looking to sell a liquor license. License Locators will help you sort through the busy work so that you have the time to focus on developing your new business venture. Our services will aid in the escrow process, and we will even find the right seller so that you may get the fairest price. Remember, competition may be tough out there, so hire the experts who can leave you confident in the success of your new business.